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Savage Worlds is a brand new generic role playing game created by Pinnacle Entertainment Group;

The system is still in beta at the moment, and is due to be released in 2003, but Shane has released a trial version you can use to play one of the adventures on the site. The system is designed to be adaptable to other worlds and genre's (upcoming worlds are a dark fantasy, 1920 pulp superheroes (The Shadow etc), a Boxer rebellion setting and a Vietnam worldbook.
The company will be adding to thier Wierd Wars line using this system.
As well as the generic nature of the system, it is also designed around the principle Fast Furious Fun! and is aimed at getting both GM's and players up and running quickly. Its origins come from the Great Rail Wars setting that Pinnacle used to produce, and are supposed to work very well for wargaming, or skirmish battles as well as roleplaying, so it would be possible for an adventuring party to run the villagers they've convinced to help them fight the dragon, as well as the GM run the Dragons evil dragonic horde, all quickly with minumum hassle. This isn't something that RPG's are known for, so I'm watching with interest.

You can join the Savage Worlds mailing list at which is pretty active at the moment, despite the lack of anything other than a test set of rules!
The people on the list have created some amazing resources; extra adventures, game conversions, even cardboard minis for the downlaodable adventures from Pinnacle!

The main reason this page is here is to provide a place for some rules additions I wrote. You can use the dice roller I wrote for the deadlands game for this, available here. More details on my Deadlands page...

Additional Rules


Mages often get a bad deal when it comes to roleplaying the effects of a deep magical understanding that even low powered mages would have, and it seems that Savage Worlds was following in that footstep; combat related magic, but nothing to make day to day life easier, so I wrote up some rules for Cantrips; minor magics that have no combat effectiveness but help to make the mage's day a little better: Cantrip rules
Also, I put together some rules for Familiars I've tried to make them fairly generic, so they should work for other genres than just fantasy..

EarthDawn Conversion

After being inspired by many postings on the Savage Worlds Mailing List, I put together some rules to use the Savage Worlds rules (or as much as I can work out from the list and the Test Drive Rules) with the excellent Earthdawn game world. You can find the rules here, although there a bit long.. It was quite a challenge writing the adaption, not least because the Advanced Rules weren't out for SW, but also because ED has a flavour all its own, and I wanted to preserve that..
Update! The latest downloadable rules (2.2) has replaced the professions system with edges, which means that my conversion doesn't quite fit. I'm going to re-do it, but only when the new book comes out; it doesnt seem sensible to re-write it when I may have to do this again if things change. Also, it gives me a chance to see whats been done, especially with Evernight, the first setting, and make my rules work acordingly..


I have also written a follow on adventure for the freely available (from Pinnacles site) "The Red Swamp". The charecters are heading back from thier adventure when zombies strike in "The Revenge of the LicheMaster"

Other links

Much to my chagrin, this wasn't the first Savage Worlds fan website;
Randy Mosiondz created the first one with some thoughts on a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay conversion; Savage Garden